Vajrayogini Figurine Statue

Vajrayogini Figurine Statue

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Amazing figurine or statue of Vajrayogini, the Dakini, standing on the petal throne in Wrathful manifestation. Craftmanship and detail on this piece is amazing!!

Size: 3" h x 1.5" w
Weight: 50 g
Material: Tibetan Silver
Origin: Nepal

Vajrayogini (Tib. Dorje Naljorma, Adamantine Female Practitioner) is the principal female yidam of Highest Yoga Tantra of the New Translation schools of Tibetan Buddhism. She is a slightly wrathful red female figure shown holding a curved knife in her right hand, a skullcup in her left and a khatvanga (trident or staff) in her left elbow.

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