D Sacral Chakra Buddha Eyes Singing Bowl 4"

D Sacral Chakra Buddha Eyes Singing Bowl 4"

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This lovely little bowl sits comfortably on your palm. It is a D sacral chakra bowl with engraving of Tibetan mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum Hri" on the side and all-seeing eyes of Buddha symbol on the bottom. Interior of the bowl has lovely engraving of the endless knot symbol.

Unlike other bowls, shape of this bowl is tapered at the bottom and wider at the lips. Bowl sings effortlessly and melodiously. Suitable for both rubbing and gonging. Overall a very well balanced bowl with great tone.

Size: 4 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep
Note: D Sacral Chakra
Weight: 15.7 oz (446 gm)
Origin: Nepal
Includes: Wooden Striker


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