Modern Tan Tibetan Area Rug 3' x 5'

Modern Tan Tibetan Area Rug 3'x5'

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This rug is contemporary in design, colorful geometric motifs on lovely tan background. The rug is made out 100% Tibetan Highland Sheep wool (Natural stain resistant due to high Lanolin content) on a very strong cotton base, by master Tibetan weavers in Kathmandu, Nepal.

100% handmade rug, almost all the process involved in the creation of this rug, from wool carding to dying to knotting, everything is done by hand. Tibetan rugs are renown for their durability and their thick pile. Pile on this rug is almost an inch thick.

Size: 3'X5'
Weight: 14 lbs
Material: Tibetan Highland Wool
Pile: Cotton
Colors: Tan, Brown, Multi-colored.
Knot: 80 Knots
Origin: Nepal

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