Blue Striped Meditation Rug

Blue Striped Meditation Rug

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Traditional Tibetan Design. Rug has grayish blue lotus with gold border in the center and striped background. Rug has beautiful stripes of multi color on light cream color base. Lotus or Padma in Tibetan symbolizes the purity of Boddhisattva, who rises above the bonds of cyclic existence like Lotus blooming out of muddy swamp.

Superb Blue Striped Meditation Rug is created by master weavers from Kathmandu valley in Nepal. It is made out 100% Tibetan Sheep Wool (Natural Stain Resistant due to high Lanolin content) on a very strong cotton base. Each of these rugs are created tediously from start to finish by hand.

Size: 2' x 2' 6"
Material: 100 % Tibetan Sheep Wool
Base: Cotton
Weight: 4.6lbs
Origin: Handmade in Nepal

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