A 3rd Eye Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl 6"

A 3rd Eye Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl 6"

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Earthly Old A 3rd Eye Root Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl with great resonating tone and superb vibrations. It is hand hammered by master craftsman from West Bengal, India. Bowl has thick lips and sturdy walls capable of producing multiple harmonic tones. Hammer mark grooves on surface with onset of patina.

The bowl sings effortlessly by both rubbing and gonging. Note of this bowl is A and chakra associated with the note is 3rd Eye Chakra. Definitely a must buy!!!!

Include: Wooden Striker
Size: 6 inches wide and 3 inches deep
Note: C Root Chakra
Weight: 1 lb 4.9 oz (593 gm)
Origin: India

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