Nepalese Kumari Protection Mask

Nepalese Kumari Face Protection Mask

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This is a Kumari Face Protection Mask of Nepalese living goddess Kumari. In Newari culture, Kumaris are considered as living goddess and are worshiped. This is a beautiful piece with lots of details and character. Stunning piece!!

Size:5.5"l (head to chin) x 6" w x 2"h
Weight: 726 grams (1lb .8 oz)
Material: Bronze
Origin: Nepal 

Little about Kumari:
Kumari, or Kumari Devi is a living Hindu goddess in Nepal. Kumari literally means virgin in Nepali. A Kumari is a prepubescent girl selected from the Shakya caste of the Nepalese Newari community. The Kumari is revered and worshipped by the country's Hindus as well as the Nepali Buddhists, though not the Tibetan Buddhists.

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