Chhepu Garuda's Brother Eating Naga Mask

Chhepu Garuda's Brother Eating Naga Mask

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It is an absolutely stunning Chhepu Eating Snake Mask, created by hand in traditional Nepalese tradition. It shows Chhepu, the brother of Garuda, devouring naga. Details on this piece this mind blowing!!

In Nepal, the mask of protection is the face of a garuda-child called Chhepu or Chepu. Folklore tells of his origin. He was one among the three brothers, Garuda, Chhepu and Hitimanga. In Hindu mythology only his head is formed as his mother peeked in the nest before he was fully developed. Chepu reputedly left the world as he did not wish to see the great kaliyuga, when evil would triumph over goodness

Size: 5" x 7.5"
Weight: 12.6 oz
Material: Bronze
Origin: Nepal

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